Sunday, February 28, 2010

"My Girls" at the Godfrey Dean Gallery

From April 18- May 28 you can catch "My Girls" at the Godfrey Dean Gallery in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. The girls and I are very excited for this show, we are currently shooting new works that will be exhibited at the Godfrey Dean. I expect this blog will be quite active as we engage in all of our new endeavors including shots done at "En Vogue Day Spa" in Regina, and other various locations in Yorkton. More on this to come....
For more info about the Godfrey Dean Gallery, visit their site:

Friday, February 19, 2010

"My Girls" at galleryDK

If you are in Toronto this February, make sure to stop by galleryDK to see "My Girls". The show will feature the comprehensive "My Girls" series displayed as large- scale photographs. Also in attendance will be Natalia, one of the prominent models form the series. The reception will be on Thursday February 4th at 7:00 pm. galleryDK is located at 1332 Queen St. West, Toronto, Ontario. To learn more about this wonderful gallery, please visit:

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Art Listings Pro" clip

During the reception for "My Girls" at galleryDK I had the privilege of being interviewed for 'Art Listings Pro", a terrific art blog based out of Toronto.

"My Girls" catalogues available

The "My Girls" catalogue captures all of the 2009 works shot on location in Jyvaskyla (Finland), Helsinki (Finland), Estonia (Tallin), Regina (Sask, Canada), and Victoria (BC, Canada).
Also included is a creative essay by writer Carle Steel titled "Trials". The catalogues are a $12.00 each and are available by e-mail request:

"My Girls", a critical analysis by Kay Stratton

In a clothing boutique in Jyvaskyla, Finland, is a juxtaposition of thereal and unreal waiting to be photographed. The life of a fashion modelhas seldom been so well articulated. Evan Tyler’s My Girls capturesmannequins in various states of dress (and undress). The differencebetween them and real women can often fool the eye. It is the nature ofphotographs to have us question reality. Lighting tricks the eye so anobserver can be unsure as to whether what is captured is a ‘person’ ornot. Photography fictionalizes events and seems to suggest a story foreach picture. By turning mannequins into ‘subjects’, Tyler questions thenature of the self and its relationship to the real. Is it simply thatthe ‘models’ mimic life and the real, or is it that fashion attempts tomimic the mannequins?

Setting is also a subject in Tyler’s work. In a space where the bodybeautiful is naturally commodified, the shop, we are asked to wonder ifour mirroring bodies are also objectified. Tyler suggests that allbodies are already commodified; the subject is for sale. If the subjectis simply image and beauty picked from the shelves by smart-eyedshoppers, what can ever be considered distinct about that subject? Arewe the sum of our choices, the clothes we wear, our choice ofblank-model-faced? Ultimately, Tyler’s work provokes a larger question,one observers must answer for themselves: ‘Are the mannequins set up tomimic us, or are we setting ourselves up to mimic them?’

Evan Tyler continues to collect a few more ‘girls’, with the intentionto expand the series. He sees himself as a ‘lens’ capturing images forman attitude that questions questioning urban reality and our place within it.

Kay Stratton


Welcome to "My Girls"

Who are 'my girls'?
They are the faces you see in the shopping malls and day spas; those sophisticated, slender beings having their salad and mineral water at a downtown cafe around 3:10 PM. They are the best dressed on campus, always busy and always beautiful. They are the mysterious, the glamorous, the out-going and always on-the-go metropolitan female dwellers found in our modern urban landscape. They are the beauty, the real, the unreal.
In 2009 during a stay in Jyvaskyla, Finland, I had a surprise encounter with several cliques of beautiful women inside of a trendy urban clothing store that I had to pass on the way to my bus-stop. Upon closer inspection, I realized they were life-like mannequins. Strangely enough, this didn't seem to hinder my hard-wired social instincts which still read them as beautiful unattainable women, scientists of sophistication. In a state of surprise and intrigue I started to photograph them as if I were a famous fashion photographer. The brilliance of the store lighting beaming down on their plastic skin made it seem as if they were begging to be photographed and I was doing a great service by engaging in this glamorous, guerrilla activity. I returned to the store throughout the months to snap them in their new outfits. We developed a beautiful working relationship and I am happy to state that the experience has lead me to pursue new relationships with verious mannequins in Europe and North America.

The series is titled "My Girls", a playful but critical reference to the language codes of the fashion world. Upon returning from Finland in June of 2009 I have been exhibiting the girls in different venues in Victoria, Regina and Toronto. I continue to build the "My Girls" portfolio and I see this as an ever-expanding, inexhaustible venture in capturing the sophisticated urban aesthetic and negotiating the real and the unreal. This blog will keep you updated on the details of my photo-shoots, upcoming shows, girl profiles and more. Click on the link below to view the current "My Girls" gallery and artist statement.