Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome to "My Girls"

Who are 'my girls'?
They are the faces you see in the shopping malls and day spas; those sophisticated, slender beings having their salad and mineral water at a downtown cafe around 3:10 PM. They are the best dressed on campus, always busy and always beautiful. They are the mysterious, the glamorous, the out-going and always on-the-go metropolitan female dwellers found in our modern urban landscape. They are the beauty, the real, the unreal.
In 2009 during a stay in Jyvaskyla, Finland, I had a surprise encounter with several cliques of beautiful women inside of a trendy urban clothing store that I had to pass on the way to my bus-stop. Upon closer inspection, I realized they were life-like mannequins. Strangely enough, this didn't seem to hinder my hard-wired social instincts which still read them as beautiful unattainable women, scientists of sophistication. In a state of surprise and intrigue I started to photograph them as if I were a famous fashion photographer. The brilliance of the store lighting beaming down on their plastic skin made it seem as if they were begging to be photographed and I was doing a great service by engaging in this glamorous, guerrilla activity. I returned to the store throughout the months to snap them in their new outfits. We developed a beautiful working relationship and I am happy to state that the experience has lead me to pursue new relationships with verious mannequins in Europe and North America.

The series is titled "My Girls", a playful but critical reference to the language codes of the fashion world. Upon returning from Finland in June of 2009 I have been exhibiting the girls in different venues in Victoria, Regina and Toronto. I continue to build the "My Girls" portfolio and I see this as an ever-expanding, inexhaustible venture in capturing the sophisticated urban aesthetic and negotiating the real and the unreal. This blog will keep you updated on the details of my photo-shoots, upcoming shows, girl profiles and more. Click on the link below to view the current "My Girls" gallery and artist statement.

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